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The goal of the Georgia Department of Law's Consumer Protection Division is to make the marketplace safer for all consumers. We represent the State of Georgia as a whole, rather than any individual. We encourage you to send us information about suspected illegal business practices that may be affecting the general public. Numerous complaints may indicate a pattern of fraudulent or deceptive conduct in consumer transactions that would allow us to take action on behalf of the state.

Consumer transactions under our jurisdiction are those involving goods or services that you pay to use yourself or for your family or household; we cannot consider transactions for investment or profit or between two businesses. We also cannot undertake matters where other government agencies at the state, federal or local level have primary jurisdiction. (Click here for complaints covered by Georgia's Lemon Law. A different form is required.)

This office cannot give you personal legal advice. Further, all information our office receives will become part of our permanent public records, subject to Georgia's Open Records Act. It may also be shared with the relevant business or regulatory agency, so do not include sensitive information such as account numbers or Social Security numbers.

Step 1 will ask information about you.

Step 2 will ask information about the business or individual about which you are complaining.

Step 3, if needed, will obtain details.

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