Words to the Wise

        Quick Tips for Georgia Consumers

  1. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!
  2. Never pay money to collect a "prize" you have won.
  3. Use caution when giving out your credit card or bank account numbers.
  4. Do not buy impulsively or be pressured into signing anything.
  5. Wait to make an informed decision before purchasing or hiring.  Ask questions, compare prices, and read ads, product reviews and the manufacturer’s warranty.  Check licensing requirements and ask family or friends for referrals.
  6. Get everything in writing, including all warranties, promises and repair estimates.
  7. Never sign a blank or incomplete contract or one you do not fully understand.
  8. Keep copies of contracts, receipts and warranties.
  9. Be aware that the law does not guarantee you the right to a refund or a three-day cancellation, except in very limited circumstances.

Never send money to a telephone solicitor by messenger or overnight mail.